Am I cursed or what?

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      I don't get it, it seems like I am I am cursed...

      When I hit top pair, someone has overpair, when I hit two pair, someone has set, when I hit set (which happens 1 in 30times or something like that) I get overset or random two card full house that beats me, or straight, or flush that beats me.

      Okay, like I know, that happens, but when I hit straight, someone has flush, like for real... when I have flush, someone has higher flush or full house, even when I have full house from random two cards, someone must have set which beats me.

      Like is this for real? when I allin with dominating hand, I lose most of the times. Like if you don't believe, I can send you whole sessions when this happens...

      And here is my graph. Do I suck that much? ( I play on titan poker, saw sister playing on FTP, helped her, and it was so easy to bust those fishes there). cmon... for real...

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