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NLHE_SH Blog with The Title

    • pragueinsider
      Joined: 04.01.2011 Posts: 4
      Hello, Im Rob.

      I have been playing poker over a year.
      I had 'little' break - about 6-8 months.
      Played only up to nl25 tho. BE all the time.
      Just some weeks ago I took decision to start playng full time.
      I looked up again some strategy stuff, videos. Registered to DC. Watched many strategy videos and some mindset stuff aswell (Tommy Angelo - Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment) It's really good and I recomend it if someone who's looking to change their mindset and thinking of life, for better ofcorse. Gonna buy His book aswell.

      Now only problem I had was that I didint have any money to start playing again. But I left my ego behind and came here for this amazing opportunity what Pokerstrategy gives, and I'm very thankful for that.
      Now some hard work and time and I hope for successfull poker carreer.

      So I make this blog only for one reason and this is to Get Help!

      I really don't want to run BE so im gonna use my valuable time to improve myself and so I welcome everyone who is willing to help and get one dude on track who is willing to make effort.

      Im not gonna lie, i play poker for money. At least this is my goal. But i also love poker from my heart and there is not an option to do something you love from heart badly. So gl to me.

      I got $50 to FT.
      I want to play NL5 SH, i know that i only got 10 BI's but i also know that i know little bit of poker. So going broke is not an option here!

      I already made my first session over a long time, some 200+ hands and few dollars plus.
      Im going to post my stats, graphs, hands and many other stuff here constantly. Because i really want improve my game.

      Little bit of goals -
      #NL5 to Nl10 when $200-250 and hope achive this with 1-2 weeks
      #nl10-nl25-nl50 within 2 months.
      #when nl50 roll then play SH an HU also.
      # +++

      So actually my First help cry..

      Please share some wise words with me. How to..
      Micro SH videos?
      Micro SH handchart
      What stats to use with HUD?
      Any advice are welcome

      So this is it for now.
      Nobody likes long storys but hell, i sayd what i had in mind atm, and those who read till here, thank You!

      Failure is Not an Option!

      To Everyones success.
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