[NL2-NL10] 2 evaluation needed hands

    • sanderilves
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      I forgot to save Hand history but since they just happened i'm typing from memory.

      #1 NL10 HE
      My stack : 6.4$
      BB stack : 9.9$
      Im CO with AKs diamonds
      UTG limps and folded to me
      I raise 0.5
      BB raises to 1.5 and Im the only caller
      Flop comes: 3 8 5 two diamonds
      Pot - 2.94 and BB raises 3.10
      Me - ???

      #2 NL10 HE
      my stack 3.5$
      opponents stack :
      Im HJ with JJ and folded to me
      I raise to 0.4$
      BB calls
      Flop comes 9h 7h 7d
      BB bets 0.3$ and I raise to 0.9$
      BB calls TURN : 9c
      Both check ( wsnt to good move from me I guess)
      River comes A h
      BB bets really low 0.75$
      Me- ?
      // I know that the bet is so small that I should of called (?) but I kinda thought that I would only win a bluff there

      They shouldnt be really hard hands I guess but since my BR just reached NL10 then im not totally sure about those moments.
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    • TiciBoy
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      I'd probably 4bet (shove) first hand preflop, or shove on the flop with 2 overcards and a nut flushdraw...

      Second one would also shove on the turn...since your stack is so short...maybe wrong here :)

      Why are you playing with such stack? You should always play with full stack, (or 20 bb if you are a shortstacker), not something in between. ;)
    • SvenBe
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      He sanderilves,

      thanks for comming to our forum.
      We do have dedicated hand evaluation forums available for all our members - for free!

      I know that you did not save the HH this time, but most poker rooms software allow you to save hand histories on your hard drive - please use this setting!
      How you can use the hand evaluation forum? Totally easy with our guide: Hand Evaluation Boards - What you need to know
      I moved this thread to our HE-forum, thats the right place to go!

      PS: It was a really good idea to come to the forum, being active is the best way to improve your skill!
    • veriz
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      Hello sanderilves,

      And welcome to the forum! Hopefully we will see more hands from you later on and try to fix your leaks and improve your game. :)

      Also it's usually better if you post one hand into hand thread, so it will be easier to evaluate for us and we could write better evaluations for them, not to scroll down always long way and then again up and etc. :D

      Hand #1
      If you are playing NL10 then you should also add to full stack if you are playing BSS, therefore $10. :)

      Preflop: You are raising and then Calling your stack, is which I don't really like. I'd either go broke there or just fold it. Therefore shove it here.

      As played
      Flop: And BB isn't raising, he is Betting into us. :) Postflop the 1st actor always bets, preflop you raise 1st in. And likely with our overcards and nutFD it's kinda close, but I wouldn't even mind if you just shove directly there. Since our equity ain't that bad there:

      Equity Win Tie Loss Hand
      Player 1: 49,756% 49,680% 0,152% 50,168% AdKd
      Player 2: 50,244% 50,168% 0,152% 49,680% JJ+

      If you want to take a coinflip. :) But if and want to avoid the variance then just fold it. :) He likely has a strong hand there, which he is betting into us.

      Hand #2
      Once again, add to full stack if you are playing BSS. :)

      Since I don't really see the pot sizes but I think we could even raise bigger on flop, ~$1,50. As played the turn is likely better to Check behind, since he wont really Call you with a lot worse (if he is somewhat tigher guy, our raise on flop was pretty strong) and likely River is also Check and hope to see a free showdown. He wont really bet there with a lot worse.

      Best regards.
    • sanderilves
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      Thanks a million for the comments.. At first glance I didnt see the proper sub forum.. sorry for that..