About pre-flop raising.

    • mareksz
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      Some of you might think that it is dumb and irrelevant to talk about pre-flop raise amount. But still.

      In most poker books, lessons etc. the standart open-raise is 3BB, Chris Ferguson suggests to raise in the early position - 2BB, middle-2.5BB, late-3BB. In the Phil Gordon's "Little Green Book" is even a more complicated way of raising : early-2.5 to 3BB, middle- 3 to 3.5BB, late- 3.5 to 4BB, small blind - 3BB

      After a while of playing i'm sticking with my own way - 3BB with no limpers, 4BB with 1+ limpers.

      Do you actualy earn something in the long run if you raise 0.5BB more or less [if you raise Chris Ferguson's way] ?

      So how much do you raise?
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    • joecar
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      you need to not get caught up about these different standards and instead pay attention the table atmosphere. Pay attention to your opponents, yes 3bb or 4bb is standard and from button/sb 3bb is fine as your range is looser and less opponents to react. But if you are constantly getting flatted by opponents you need to then increase your O/R. If the sb/bb are tight then raise any two from c/o or button etc.