• Wurble
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      OK, I'm back.. Lol. Had given up on poker but got bitten by the bug again over christmas.

      I have come back to sng's - currently playing the 9man $1.75's on stars but boy am I having a tough time. My game isn't too bad - I definitely have an edge over most players at this limit but I'm suffering so I must be making some blindingly obvious ICM mistakes and I want to get them sorted to move up the limits, no more farting about for me. I want some coaching.

      What kind of prices do decent coaches charge? And are there any here willing to have a chat with me?

      I know the first recommendation will be sng wiz and it's a good one but I've had a trial before and can't justify buying it until I've moved up to at least the $6.50's.

      Which leads me to something else... I enjoy the 180 mans the most so my goal is to build a $400 roll and then move to them but who knows, after some coaching I may stick with the 9's so we'll see.

      Any comments, thoughts or advice more than welcome.

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    • lessthanthreee
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      My recommendation would be to buy SnG wiz and try some self analysis before getting coaching.

      SnG wiz is 75-100 USD (forget exactly.. you might be able to find a discount somewhere). and 1hr of coaching will be $50-75 minimum (from a MS-HS reg).

      so its pretty obvious that any coach cant teach you as much in 1hr as sng wiz can in your own time. It will take a bit more work and motivation to teach yourself some basics, but its the cheapest option for a micro-stakes grinder.

      But if you still want some professional advice, here is some information about my private coachings.

      Private coaching with lessthanthreee
    • Wurble
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      Cheers dude, that's a good point lol I obviously hadn't put much thought into the actual cost.