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      Hi All,

      Quick intro - I'm Alex.

      Been playing poker on and off for about 6 years, mainly micro stake sit and gos on Betfair - I had a betting account there and clicked the poker button one day because I was bored. No real strategy or knowledge, picked the game up as I went along, never really lost much because I played really small stakes (11c tournaments a few times a week)

      Two years ago I picked up a basic poker strategy DVD from the £1 shop and it got me thinking.

      I had about $8 in my betfair account and switched from SnGs to cash games and started to apply a little strategy, went really well for a few weeks and I worked my bank roll up to about $30, suddenly I thought I was a poker God and started getting obsessed, read everything I could get my hands on, Spent hours and hours studying strategy etc etc and got so mixed up that I forgot the basics, got obbssessed woth fancy plays etc kept trying to be clever - result dropped down to about $5, totally dissillusioned. Gave Up.

      Anyway, stumbled across this site a few days ago, got my free $50 on full tilt, and had a fun few days playing. Bank roll is now $62 but I am determined not to make the same mistakes as last time so for now I am going to Keep It Simple Stupid.

      Tight Aggressive, nothing fancy. Do the right thing pre-flop and let the rest take care of itself.

      Wish me luck
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