dealing with 3 bets @ NL10 FR

    • muel294
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      Hi All

      Couldnt find any decent info on this topic in the silver articles. I might just be blind so If someone can direct me to a good article or thread, please let me know.

      Otherwise, can anyone give me some advice on dealing with 3 bets both in and out of position.

      I routinely find myself open raising hands like AQ in the CO and being 3 bet on the BU and blinds and often just muck, especially against Tight regs who I have stats on. Obviously I am peeling against Loose, calling stations or players who I have noticed are getting severely out of line.

      At the moment my Cold calling of 3 bets is generally reserved for AK, TT-QQ, as I'm always 4 betting w/ KK+. Obviously this highly dependant on the situation but some pointers would be helpful.
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    • thazar
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      There is a good video about preflop play by mbml. It talks about 3 bet range and although it is for 6 max ,a lot of it is good to know for FR

      click here
    • breena
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      Yeah I change my range alot by feel of the table/stats/player history. I like to take a stand quite early on so not to get pushed around

      Dont forget they got stats on you to and if you fond to 3 bet all the time your easy money :s_cry: