Hey, ive been playing for like 6 months now, en after the first three months learning en losing, i build myself a little up in the last three months,...

I read forums en books. I wil show my results so far, everything is from Pokertsars,... please comment if my stats look ok.

Also i am looking to sign up at a training-site with videos, ive been searching but dont really figure out what is the best site for micro to small stakes SNG.

I heard good reviews for sitngogrinder.com but when i went to have a look on the site they had like 4 micro-stakes sng, en not even the one i am playing,... So if anybody knows the best site for me, ty

My stats so far are

Tournament Statistics (1736 Tournaments)
$ 1.75 (1024)$ 308.60 roi 17.22%
3.25 (19) roi 18% 36.1$
3.40 (693)$ 160.50 roi %11.3