SuperTurbo Strategy

    • manatta
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      Hey anyone here with any lights on how to be successful on those iPoker 6-MAX SuperTurbos? So far I'm only up a little, after #150...
      Even if someone is interested in studying them with me who has programming and statistics, please leave a note..
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    • jdnismo
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      I play 9-Max SuperTurbos. All you have to do is study ICM in ICM Trainer a lot, once you get good at it, you'll be better at recognising certain situations.
      That's all there is to it, really, that and put in lots of volume because you lose a lot of flips...

      Also, 150 Tourneys isn't a big enough sample size, you need ~1000.
    • steamon28
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      1000 is not a good samplesize.
      5000 is decent
    • extpan
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      play on fulltilt if you have RB :) , i played 12000 games from 2$ and 5$ with roi of 6,4% + RB