My first 5004 hands of NLHE

    • Alieaz
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      Dear Poker Strategists,

      I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who put in hours of time to provide us with completely free material that is both helpful and interesting to study.

      I was a complete poker beginner in August and after my first 5004 NLHE hands playing NL2 according to BSS on my pokerstars account, I have managed to make a $20 profit at a rate of nearly10BB/100 hands (according to PTR) - including about 1500 hands played before I was a member here and a complete fish. My PTR grading is still shit due to the fact I was a loose hyper-aggressive fish donkey moron before discovering this site but THANK YOU for helping me get a lot more out of what is just a hobbie now but might have the potential to be a side income with study and careful application of the skills taught here.

      Happy new years,


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