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      Lately i'm really depressed . I play online poker since 4 months now , it doesn't seem much , i know , but i play like 3-6 hours everyday and i improved allot since i started.
      But no matter how good i play and how much i try , i just can't win more than 20 $ without losing it back the next days. I'm better than most players at NL2 and 5 , and still , they always beat me somehow ,mostly with dumb luck.
      At the start of this week all i had left of my bankroll was 10 dollars , so i started playing at NL2 at short stack tables. I played tight , picking only best hands , and going all in with JJ-AA. My opponents were mostly very bad players who called me with hands like 86 off-suited , K7 , 43 , 22 , all sorts of hands . I lost like 80% of the all in raises - i don't understand how this is even possible ; these last two days i went all in before flop 5 times with pocket Aces , and i only won once. I lost once against QQ , and the other 3 against random garbage hands.
      If i can't win on NL2 , what's the point in further playing this game?
      So I'm asking for your advice. What do you think i should do now? Take a break from poker , quit it , keep playing , because i don't know what to do . When i started playing poker it was because people kept saying that it requires skill in order to be successful , but it feels like I'm just gambling , no matter how hard i try.
      I'll deposit tomorrow 50 more dollars and if i lose those too , i'll stop because i already lost too much money.
      Maybe it's time for me to start learning chess :)
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