weird poker school..

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      plz help me with this one.. i just dont get it. heres a copy paste from the strategy section..

      (this is if u have initiative on turn)
      3. If an opponent raises
      A more or less unpleasant situation arises if you have bet or raised with the initiative, and one or more players raise after you on the turn. That usually demonstrates a strong hand, which can cause difficulties especially for pairs.

      Is there exactly one raise...

      you raise
      with one pair or better. <-this part i dont get. what does it mean. that i raise with whatever one pair(and look below) only call with top or overpair ?

      you call
      with every top pair, overpair and every drawing hand / draw.

      you fold any other hand.

      here is the link as well.. plz help me understand

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