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I Run Good (SnG))

    • Leito99
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 754
      Hey guys...
      New Year --> New Blog
      I play poker since Summer 2009 and hit $10k barrier (although withdrawed). Started playing on micro Sng's with very passive fish so I started playing super aggro monkey style betting all the time which made me instantly a profitable player!
      Since then I cut down on my spewyness and aggression and became a nit. When I realised this I started playing aggressively again which is where I am now. I play "Low" stakes.

      Major results in Mtts
      1st in $10 Mtt with 1297 players for ~$2000.
      Won WCOOP M/E ticket for $5200.
      Won WCOOP sat worth $1050.
      9th in Nightly Seventy Grand for ~$1000.
      4th in $9 Final Table or Bust for ~$800.
      Now Im tired of Mtts although I still enjoy poker in general.

      Lately I switched to 9 max SNG's, normal $22, turbo $12 and superturbo $10.50

      I will update regularly when I play, but that won't be too much, usually Friday & Saturday &Sunday when i come home because when I move to campus for uni, I don't want to bring my laptop because poker is addicting but friends & girls & studying & partying > poker
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    • Leito99
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 754

      @This is my graph for the last 30 days..

      The graph is a straightish line for $500 SitnGoes (all speeds) on Fulltilt but Stars' hyperturbos create the swingy look.
      These Stars' hyperturbos are starting to annoy me. Down $200 after 2500 games (no Ev graph though) bbut in my reports it says I won $35k chips less then expected. Considering 500 starting chips are worth $22, Im guessing I'm running about (70x22) $1500 under EV which would make for a good hourly. But I'm not sure that my calculations are correct and I dont like playing a game where I'm down if i can play less swingy normal speed ones. But then again, I need to use more of my brain for those.

      I'm also down $125 in Rush (which will never play again) and $250 up in NL50 heads up.

      I will now move up for my first session of $22s SitnGoes. I'm confident that I'm at least a breakeven player there so I should be Ok. And I'm 10 buyins down on the $11s for EV so I should run good too :)

      In other news, I bought Tournament Shark today. Any opinons on it??
      I find out you cant use it on FT so that sucks. I can still mark some regs and look up their results though. But still, I will probably play more on Stars from now on.
    • Leito99
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 754
      Not a great welcome to the $22s

      My 2 all-ins preflop with AA didnt hold up.
      But only 16 games and my EV is up so that's a good sign.

      My EV probably went in my sexy Super Turbo graph!! :P

      Thats all, maybe some hands later.