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    • blazfurlan
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      Hey everyone,

      I've decided to start writing a blog, because I've been running pretty damn bad over past days. I'm gonna try to find some major leaks which I've been doing.

      Let me introduce myself,
      I'm a 21-years old student, coming from Slovenia, I'm studying Computer Science, last year. Have been playin poker for about 2 years now, nothing serious before, because of college.

      I forgot to mention that I'm gonna play on FTP.
      Now I decided to start grind turbo STT SNG 9man. I'm using 100BI rule.

      • At least 1000 games per month
      • Watch all silver SNG videos
      • reach 20's by the end of the year
      • gonna add some goals soon

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      I know that this is kindda small sample, but it's from 3rd of January when I started this project. Been pushing standard hands in standard position, either I suckout or run into the monster.

      Sorry for my not perfect English.
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    • Samo2
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      Hi, blazfurlan.

      Nice to see some other Slovenian's blog here. I also come from Slovenia.

      I see you have the same problems I had when playing STT SNGs. I was pretty sure I'm playing by the book, more or less, but I just kept loosing against "lucky" players. So I gave a try to some other types of games and have decided for NLHE. I'm at the beginning, but so far I'm doing OK.

      Anyway, I wish you all the best in your poker career. I'll keep watching your blog.




      My blog: My NLHE blog
    • blazfurlan
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      Haven't post for a while, because I'm busy with my college atm exams and so on.

      I've found some leaks in my play, which are:
      - playin too many tables (now I can focus on push/fold stage),
      - calling too many hands on the bubble
      - and so on

      Buyed SNG wiz, and downloaded ICM Trainer, to maximize knowledge, of pushin and folding.

      Watched almost all Sliver videos. Such a great videos from chenny8888 and lessthantree :)

      Here is the progress: