SSS at full tilt poker?

    • gercho77
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      Hey, i got my starting capital a few days ago at full tilt poker, i tried to play SSS there, but i noticed that most tables have a minimal buy in of about 35BB, and thats the point were you are supposed to leave the table if you are playing SSS... There are tables tagged as shallow stacks, but there most people have around 20BB which is what SSS recomends, and you shouldnt play on a table with more than 2 other Short stacks supposedly... so not sure if i m missing something, but how i m supposed to play SSS at full tilt poker?

      And one other question/observation, i tried playing BSS in the NL2 tables, thats the smallest one, and they are supposed to be full of loose/bad players, but it seems that from 9 players about 7 play very tight... so there doesnt seems to be much opportunity, at least not for someone that knows the basics, i guess you could take advantage from many people playing too tight, any article you can point me to about that?
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi gercho77,

      On Full Tilt Poker you just can play SSS on shallow tables. However everyone there will have a short stack but not everyone will play the short stack strategy.

      So watch the tables and if there a lot of loose players you should join.

      @BSS: Sure most of the players play tight. However the don't play postflop perfectly. So wait for good hands and win the money after the flop. Just be patient, they will pay you off.

      Good luck on Full Tilt Poker,