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    • Hadi
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      Playing freerolls is worthwhile and it's a good way to get a grip of the basics without risking your bankroll. However, you will find that many players will play a lot tighter in regular games than they do in freerolls, so don't get too cocky :)
    • LONGPLAY66
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      with respect :) i have to disagree,if a player is at the stage where he knows the basics of playing on a table and button pressing etc then i would say that playing in freerolls is terrible for the advancement of a players game and should be avoided at all costs.
    • eteris
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      Originally posted by pppppp555555
      Do I improve my game when I am playing at freerolls? And if you lost everything it is better to make a deposit or try to get back on rail with freerolls?
      if you are tired of playing freerolls and wasting your time and you have money to deposit then deposit
    • manuqe
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      You can improve by playing at freerolls but they are not very worth to play cause the prize is so low and take so much time. It is worth when you get the 1st place or 2nd :) and can improve your confidence whit poker if it happens. I never got the 1st place though.
    • Ryuhayabusazeven
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      Tip: if you want to learn or experience poker, play low blinds deep stack poker and NEVER do freerolls for the experience. The freerolls are too unpredictable for a bunch of ppl will go all-in on the very first hand with any kind of hand, variating from A3 suited to 45 connectors (i have even seen a player go allin with 4 8 off.

      The reason you do want to play Freerolls is that it takes skills and control yourself to survive. If you can survive to the money, you are also ready to play SNG's. But i recomment seeing both the SNG strat on this site and on fulltiltacadamy, for they have different views on the matter.

      If you play Freeroll for the money, but cant win the final table: Play SNG's first. SNG simulate the final table and a thus a good practise for tourneys.

      Good luck and hope u good something usefull outta this.

      1 last tip if you dont want to play to lose at the end: go all in pre flop on a good hand right from the start. There are always ppl who call and you can easily double or triple your stack. And if you lose by bad luck: you only wasted 5 min or less of your time
    • Ryuhayabusazeven
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      With good hands i mean the hands from the CHart : AK (S), AA, KK, QQ

      you can also try the A10 (S) KQ, QJ JJ but you wil lose more likely. My strategy for freerolls for now have been not very succesfull ofcourse : it comes to luck more then skills.
    • nightshades
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      In my opinion, freeroll are worthless. Not only they are a waste of time but they actually can lower your skills.
      Freeroll is more related to PlayMoney than Regular Poker and we know that Play money has nothing to do with real money.
      If you want to improve your skills at low cost, try the micro limits ring games or sng.
      If you go busted, just buy-in again and go on. Stick to a strict bankroll management and you should never get busted.
      It may take weeks or months before you might make money out of freeroll and even then you will end up with just a couple of dollars, which you can easily lose back.
      The minimum amount you should buy-in for is $50 and do $1+0.10 SnG.