This probably has been discussed already, but I would still like to raise this issue.

It seems that the situation is becoming worse and worse with all players dreaming of becoming poker pro's and actively learning the game. You see more and more regulars in the game, often exploitable, of course, but still nothing like the fish poker was full of some time ago. With all the growing performance of the average online poker player I have to ask the question - what does the future of online poker look like and how much more will our hourly rates keep decreasing in a few years, perhaps even months?

I myself am still relatively new to the game, I have been playing for over a year now and have managed to get a bankroll of around 2000$ playing mainly NL Hold'em single table and multitable SNGs. I am currently sitting at 11$-33$ SNGs on FullTilt and keep seeing at least 3 regulars and some semi-decent players at each of my tables. Obviously I have some leaks in my game and there is still room for improvement, but all in all I am starting to doubt I will be able to compete with my opponents in the near future to get enough profit to make playing poker worth the time. It seems that in a few months even the 6$ SNGs will be full of good, solid players. And I can't switch to lower limits to make a good profit, can I?

Am I exaggerating?
What does the situation look like in cash games?