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Elephant database. About opponents

    • cheekopeh
      Joined: 27.09.2010 Posts: 461
      First time using the Elephant, only in trial mode!

      Just a quick question, let's say I play with 'A' opponent for 100 hands and then I end my session. The next time I see A on the table, will I still have info on him for the first 100 hands I played against him?

      I don't know I think this is such a noob question! Lol.

      P.S oh yea and can someone enlighten me what's a WTB and WTS as well? I see that on the HUD but I can't figure out what that means? Thank you :D
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    • mrk1988
      Joined: 04.02.2007 Posts: 13,337
      Hey cheekopeh,

      you will be able to see the statistics for the 100 hands you played vs. opponent 'A' if you play with him on the same type of table (for example: NL 6max).

      In case you are playing 100 hands NL 6 max on Day 1 and 50 Hands FL 9max on Day 2 you won't see the 100 NL 6max Hands on the FL 9max table.

      WTS = Went To Showdown

      I can't find any information about "WTB"?