kk raising sss

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      i have been playing at pacific for a while b4 i found you guys. so i get kk i raise and 3 callers flop A 10 5 someones all in do i fold or play. you say you hit your set about 12% of the time but i have lost kk 103 times in a row qq 74 times in a row and 888 just wont let me win heres anexample from a 5c/10c pot limit table i have kk i raise pot get reraised all in i call k 2 8 flop the other guy has A A turn ace river ace fair enough bad luck. I rebuy next hand i have qq again i raise pot again same guy raises me all in again i call again he has A A (very suspect) flop qq10 sweet i think money back oh nooo turn ace river ace and this is the kind of thing that happens at evry table evry day in the beggining i was doing well but for the last month its just been constant loss whatever anybody who calls me needs to beat me drops. I know i probaby sound like a whiner but it is driving me crazy. I await my free bankroll on mansion and my new found sss and hope my play improves been waiting 4 days no sign yet
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