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    • Zheelvern
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      There's an email with bonus offer ($10 lol) with note that it's my time to reactivate my bwin account or I'll be charged with $8 fee monthly for inactivity.
      My balance there is 0.00 and now probably stupid question:
      Can they charge me to - ? Like 10 months in a row for -$80 total and then for some reason I decide to deposit there so my deposited amount will be shorter for 80?

      Another question: If I close/delete my acc. (there's an option) is there any chance to open another one linked to PS?

      I wouldn't ask any of these questions if I could say "quick support" for bwin :)

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    • HannesZ
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      bwin just charges the amount, if you have it on your account.

      So if your balance is $0 then they won't deduct anything. As soon as you deposit again your account is active and you don't have the pay the old $8. So there is no need to close the account.

      Please be aware that you are not allowed to open a second account on bwin.

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