whats the best thing to do while running bad?

    • Almonds79
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      I have been thinking about taking a break from poker because Ive been running so bad since the new year.
      My bankroll is suffering because of it.

      Im playing 3 sites at the moment and its just not happening for me.
      Yesterday i played 5 MTTs and exited early except for 1 when i finished 10th,first hand on final table go out with AKs V 77 which is not so bad as i was behind and low stacked,
      but my problem is i am getting my chips in good and loosing to under pairs regularly and to dominated hands regularly.

      Its breaking my balls and I am starting to play bad now as a consiquence.

      So, should I take a break from it or what should I do ?(

      Any advice would me appreciated,
      Thanks in advance
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