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It just won't end !!

    • drbloody
      Joined: 25.04.2010 Posts: 83
      Hi there my PS fellas,

      Before saying "fuck poker" and similar stuff I heard in some previous posts, here's a heavy downswing for everyone to consider... played @ NL25 FR BSS.
      I can't say I hate this game, or this game hates me...or whatever, it's just way too futile to think that way. I understand poker, the amount of variance and everything... But I do not know how to cope with this!! Why? cuz it damaged my BR hard...gotta go down a limit now, and NL10 is just such a nitland compared to NL25 at stars.

      I feel pretty weird, actually I don't know how I feel, I've got so smacked so hard that my skin started to thicken to the point that I feel like I ain't feeling anything anymore, but still no improvement to the game. However It did strike upon my confidence, I'm no longer sure I'm not making heavy mistakes...whatsoever huge suckouts took place.

      This is my graph since 15th december, tho I played only 3days in dec -- took a break till the new year, and continued january. As you can see I played only 10 days since, meaning I took regular breaks since I was going bad. Seems it didn't help. It's insane, I just feel I can't start a session well...
      Before saying things like "hey you got absolutely no volume there" OFC I don't, that;s what my problem exactly is I just couldn't get a session running well...
      Every time I was just escaping heavier loss...or has my patience deteriorated so bad!?!?
      I start a session and in approximately 800 hands I simply go down -3BIs, so I stop, to vent vent vent. When I come back the next day, or simply couple of hours later, I really feel like new...I do my best to accept what is, but just can't seem to win. And so on day after day....
      Did I loose my flow...patience? Why can't I start a session and get volume.. WHat the hell happened with my play? One just can't no longer be sure if it's just variance, or something wrong with the play...My average volume a day was 3.7k hands normally. I'm actively reading "The Poker Mindset" by Ian Tailor and Matthew Hilger, did the book influence my play in such a bizzare way lol :D ... I don't wanna think so, this book is what keeps me together as a poker player these days.

      Any advice guys? What to do from this point?? When no kind of psychological management as player doesn't seem to help. I messed my BR and gotta go down limit for at least a month or more. But NL10 just seems unacceptable at stars - compared to NL25. I feel so stuck, I don't know where to turn to, where to start from...

      didn't expect poker to be this much insane when I started playing full time last year...geez have I once again mistaken my career...

      Whatta humbling and a cruel game... :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:
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    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      You should teach me how to stop @ -3bi :f_biggrin:

      To me it looks like you are on life tilt, not sure how to get off it, just do something unrelated to poker for a while and don't even think about it, then once your degenerate gambling hunger will turn on you should be all fine. At least that's what works for me. :f_p:
    • OZSA
      Joined: 18.05.2009 Posts: 804
      i had this many times too...let me think to write you something helpful....
      .....please wait........loading......
      im not optimistic in general, but maybe you are, so...the fact you can stop at 3BI loss is good, although most of the time i can stop aswell, a few times I ended up -10 BI in one session and just exploded, damaged my monitor/wall/door etc. then i came back again a few hours later, and same shit happend...and i played good..pretty much the same story i might be a big bullshit for some of you to read the following, but its just my experience (way over half million hands)
      so you end the day with a profit of 3-4BI u feel day, again u have some BI profit and u get used to profit everyday...and the next day this happends, set vs set u lose, top2 vs set u lose, flop str8 vs set u lose...ur getting mad, and u stop...u come back..u have top 2 pair again and u get 3bet on the flop, u call and hope for a showdown, but no, he shoves the blank turn... ur trying to believe its not a u call, and boom,there's the set...u go even more mad and you keep playing, and get setups after setups in a row, you just cant stop it..after some days you just end up winning a session, the next few days ur profiting again and again...and just when you feel again that ur going good, the same shit happends over and over again...i really do believe this is not ur fault, its just how online poker is made, you cannot win always, when u have a set and the other guy has top 2 pair and u win, think about him for a second, he played good, it was a setup..ok next step, ur gonna be the one with top2 or a lower set..and this keeps going on over and over again, for me it never stopped (one and a half year soon). its just a pattern that i accepted, it hurts ofc, but i really cant change it. the other thing with the EV...well im lifetime under ev big time but, again you cant change it...the only thing you can really do, is search for hands you made mistakes, and post them on the forum, and dont be scared to push, because you lost the same hand before (i had a session once where i lost 6flop sets, bottom/middle set vs top set..still i wasnt afraid of pushing, even if i felt it stinks alot)
      btw the graph sucks alot, if ur ev is not breakevene there are huge problems with ur play imo. u go broke too light or its just setups ? and try to compare ur playstyle with the days you were winning constantly (if u did), you will see alot answers there. if you lost only because of setups, there's nothing to do, keep playing..otherwise, analyze ur hands....and yeah, volume means really alot...i did around 5k hands in november every day..and i had like 4-5days in a row where i just couldnt win a single TPTK coz i got outdrawn always, or lost 50% of my sets...these are doom days, the more volume you put the less you can observe these days...