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freeroll luckers

    • smiffydee
      Joined: 30.07.2010 Posts: 5
      Thought id check to see if anybody else gets slightly annoyed with these mega freerolls on anyone of our many poker sites. It seems because its a freeroll its almost a complete gamble. You get your monster hand, shove all-in with what should scoop the pot and then your bombed out by 6-9o hittings its trip 6's on the turn & river. Is there a way of beating these tourneys or is it as it seems almost completely down to luck now? Theres good free prizes on offer here but after a point any kind of skill seems to go out the window. what do ya think chums?
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      First, freerolls are free. You got your expectations up, but you didn't lose money.

      Second, beating bad players is easier than beating good players.

      Third, if people are calling you with 96, don't wait for monster hands. You should be value-betting with many good but not great hands. If you correctly accumulate chips, then when you run into a monster or a bad beat, you might have that player outchipped and will not bust out.

      I don't play very many freerolls now, but when I did, I often cashed, and I managed to win two 1000 player freerolls in a row. I did not run away from (tighten up against) bad players. I tackled maniacs, stole many blinds, and value-bet relentlessly against calling stations.
    • biogas
      Joined: 22.07.2010 Posts: 413
      Any advice on the range against someone with 50/7 vpip/pfr fish?
    • fakethat
      Joined: 13.06.2011 Posts: 221
      Now that's some good advice.

      Does anybody else have something to say about free rolls?

      I'm also having a go at them. But yeah it's a whole kind of different game.
      Like I raise with 4BB with AQo (UTG) and... well... as I evaluate my raise and hope only a single person or 2 will call, I realise there's a HUGE chance the button or somebody else immediatly goes all in. It's terrible. Relentless.