we play once a month in a league for points .with a big buyin after a year to the overal winner . 9 players 10,000 chips 25 min blinds . standard of play pretty good but we like to see a lot of flops but players are pretty nitty in latter streets to call stacks off . this hand happened thoughts please
middle /late player raises to 300 (50/100 blinds) i am on the button with j 5 s , he is a tight player so try to take it pre flop with a raise to 1,250 . he calls i put him on a range of pairs up to 10, a/10, a/j, a/q maybe ,suited broadway cards .flop comes kk6 he checks i cbet 3,000 which i was always going to do on this kind of board (no ace)he tanks then calls . i play loose aggressive so he knows i will bet there now i am looking for a blank on the turn to shove to a check from him to rep the k . 7 is the turn he is not looking happy and wont look at me then checks i am so sure he has got a medium pair and wants to get to showdown (he is a player who will lay down big hands) with no hand and i have him covered i move all in for 8,000 expecting a tank then fold but he flips ak . he totally out played me but i got slated by the rest for such a bad play , is it a bad play or unlucky and a bad read as there is very few hands he can call me with .