Account deactivated, IDCheck and no answer within 4 days :(

    • snyda54
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      I am new here (I registered one month ago). Last week I finished twice in the top4 in a 11$ tourney and crushed the rush plo games (up about 1k).

      Now they wanted me to send some personal data and I sent them a scan of my passport and a copie of a bill of my home insurance. That was about 4 days ago.

      So, I want to be reinstated to play on Fulltilt or if they have some problems with me that could tell me, couldnt they?

      Please help me,

      PS: Holdemmanager told me that I made sg like 500$ rake, I hope I'll get my rakeback (while I am not active).

      EDIT: This is my first and only account on Fulltilt and I played only Rush games. OPR
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