From 0$ to 200$ :)

    • Apitov
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      Just wanna share my experience with you guys :) I had my chance with pokerstrategy's 50$ and wasted it. I than started playing bwin's 500$ freeroll.. I've been playing it for a quite a long time.. sometimes earned some small cash. But few days ago, I won it.. and got 111$, i started of with 0$, so i didnt even have money for a rebuy :)

      Now I am mostly playing cash games, started of with 5-10cents tables, but when i reached about 150$, I moved on to 10-20cent tables. I am making a good progress since i am now at 209$. I am trying to play as much as careful as I can, but as we all know, sometimes you have to take a bad beat :)

      Also, i'd like to ask, if my bankroll is enough to play at this tables? I am always playing 2 tables at the same time.

      I hope I will make it to 1000$, it would be cool since i started with 0$ :)

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    • JazBenz
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      at $200 bankroll you should play NL10... not higher. That is if you care about good bankroll management.

      *edit* oh and I don't know how experienced of a player you are, if you just started out it could all be gone tomorrow lol... so my advice is stick to bankroll management, keep improving and analysing your game, only then you'll make it to 1k safely ;)