three of a kind on flop

    • SihoFish
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      hey guys. have a question.

      i have ak and i´m raising it preflop. bb calls it.

      flop k 6 k, bb checks, i check too

      turn 3 (rainbow on board) bb checks, i bet half pot, bb calls

      river 7- bb bets half pot, i raise allin

      showdown bb 77 fullhouse

      that happened 4 times to me today. not always ak (once aq,aj,kt)

      would u also play it slow after the flop?
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    • LONGPLAY66
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      if it had been a live game you played it perfectly,you will come to realise that live and online play "very" differently have to shut pots down online and get "minimum" value to avoid these type of regular outdraws,over-raise pre flop then at least when you over-bet the flop you are at least winning a decent pot when your opponent generally folds.
    • eteris
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      Originally posted by LONGPLAY66
      you have to shut pots down online and get "minimum" value
      best advice eva.
    • Saruniks
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      what a hell, I was playing two weeks ago heads up live and my friend rivered set and I rivered straight(on second hand) , he lost. so??? What's up with that comment? Maybe you are playing on party poker?