Questions about FTP

    • sorinallin
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      Hello, i'm sorry to bother you all with these beginner questions but i really need to find out:

      1. What are those little icons in the lobby for the tables like "shallow stack, "deep stack", "cap", etc. ? Does that make the table different from a normal one?

      2. What tables do you think are best for using the Short Stack Strategy? The 9 player tables or the 6 ?

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi sorinallin, welcome to the community,

      Full Tilt actually explain all of the different types of tournament etc much better than myself, you can find the official Full Tilt page here will should help you.

      Full Tilt is no longer ideal for playing the short stack strategy as they recently increased the minimum buyin amount for cash tables.
      You are of course welcome to try it or perhaps try the big stack strategy. Read the article on Bankroll Management carefully however to ensure you give your bankroll every chance to grow with minimal risk.

      I'm not an expert, but I think it is always recommended to play full ring (9 player tables) with sss, 6 player tables better suit the bss strategy.

      Hope this helps, shout if you need further clarification on any aspect.

      Best regards,