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A Hand From High Limit

    • Rui8386
      Joined: 07.04.2010 Posts: 68
      I rail 30-60 on ftp,this is the hand between two long term winner

      btn with A4o raises,only BB call with j7o

      flop k83 rainbow
      BB checks,btn bets,BB raises,btn calls

      turn 6
      BB bets,btn calls

      river 8
      BB checks,btn checks

      game goes normal,nobody seems on tilt
      I understand BB flop raise on the dry board.but on the turn,i see a questionable bet and a very ugly call

      so my question is
      1 how often can you make a turn play like btn?
      2 is it profitable on high limit?
      3 if i never do this,am i a weak player and easy to be exploited?
      4 how does this kind of move influence your winrate on high stake?long term +ev or -ev
      5 all about balance?
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    • gape0000
      Joined: 28.08.2007 Posts: 628
      There is a big chance they have history between them and BTN vs BB ranges are pretty wide so calling with A4 on that turn isnt as bad as it seems .

      Also the BB's play is fine as he is against wide range but once he gets called on turn and the river is blank i think he correctly gives up (assuming the BTN would reraise the turn with non showdownable hand). Also he has to barrel that turn since BTN will probably call alot of middling cards like QJ,QT,Q9, JT... with some backdoors.

      Also if BB plays C/C with 3x and weaker 8x hands then his C/R range becomes polarized between strong hands and bluffs thats why calling the turn with A4 is probably good.

      Now of course this are just my assumption but u can see that there are alot of different factors in every hand so u cant just say something is bad because u think so :)

      Regarding your questions the play can work on all limits maybe even more on lower limits vs weak players but u cant just say if the move itself is good or bad because it depends who are you up against.
    • Dawnfall26
      Joined: 30.07.2008 Posts: 3,116

      This is a very easy to miss board especially since BUs range is soo very wide. Since they are both good players they certainly have some history between each other or maybe BU just exploited BB there; This is a textbook example of what dry board is and people dont raise much here(unless good hands or air), with that said flop call is very standard but turn certainly demands certain amount of history between the players and is really hard to judge out of air.
      If I were in BBs shoes I would really be thinking to actually 3barrel this since he will often be giving up on the river thinking that such dry board which totally blanks is really not the place you would bluff again...but here we are again backl to metagame.

      All in all on these stakes its all about balancing, at least between good players. For lower stakes players that is way less important since there will always be enough fish and against them balancing is useless. Use the lines which net most profit and try to avoid bad tables. Also since player pool on lower stakes is much bigger, its hard to develop certain reads against these good player as you obviously play way fewer hands with them.