FTP SNGs over cash games

    • sanderilves
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      So i've managed to boost up my bankroll to around 150$ but since it has been really swingy I'm starting to realize that I cant focus enough, at least at the moment, to have a constant winning stream on 9handed cash games.. So was thinking about going over to SNGs.. Would like your opinion on FTP SNGs.
      I have never tried to regularly grind them but I'm getting a feeling that succeeding in SNGs is harder then cash games since you practically have to finish in top 2 to get some profit. Even if this happens in every 4 games, then I get the feeling that the profit is minimal.. am I wrong somehow?
      I consider myself not a bad player and sticking to math and rules but SNGs seem to also involve a great factor of luck. Prove me wrong and I'm more then happy.

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    • extpan
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      hi, i play 15 000 superturbo sng 1-20$BI 6max and have roi from 9% to 3% depends on limit,you can play 16 tables,so you easily make nice volume,nice rakeback and nice money! Just master ICM and adopt to player notes/status and for me working waaaay better than cash game! (but try and see what you enjoy more and what brings more money to you poker account ;)