Which poker room is best for SNG low limit?

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      I started with $30 on Party Poker 6 months ago. I played mostly SnGs ($1 and then $3) but also went for their bankroll builder freerolls (great freerolls) and some MTTs (finished 2nd at $1 MTT). I managed to reach up to $250 (mostly thanks to freeroll, bonuses & MTT, SnGs only account for a very small part of it) and am now back to $200 and the past months or so i have been oscillating at this level. I found the rake very high for SnG at PartyPoker and can't see how i could possibly beat it. I can't participate to the bankroll builder freeroll (only valid for 2 months) and i have no more time to play MTTs (too much work). I have no more bonus to clear so i am thinking to move to another room.

      Could somebody tell me which poker room would be the best to play SnGs FR at the $3 (or so) limit?

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