Micro Stakes...wait for it.... STUDY GROUP

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      EDIT: I don't add anymore ppl to the study group. I just haven't been very active and neither have the other members. Study groups work better in small groups where everyone plays similar stakes/games. I suggest you start up other threads and really look for people who can be really active and make small groups. good luck.

      Okay, so I reserve myself for looking like a fool, but I hope there isn't like a huge thread on page 2 of the strategy discussion forums about this exact topic. I saw there was a thread about NL Sweat sessions but it didn't seem like they had a skype group for it and it also seemed like all different limit players were welcome there.

      Soooo... to get to the point, I was thinking of starting up a study group on skype which would basicaly work like a chat room for us to hook up, evaluate hands, do sweat sessions, whine about bad beats and generally support each other. I had joined a study group for SnGs and I thought this was a very good group, so I had the genius idea of making the same but for us micro players.

      I realise that it will probably take a month or so to get enough members for it to be an enjoyable experience where there will always be some people online and stuff like that, but I will start adding people that are interested and we'll see where this goes...

      What I need from you:

      :spade: Struggling (or crushing) at NL25 and below, meaning no people that play NL50 and above
      :club: Skype name (remember, skype name is what u use to log in)
      :heart: No SSS players
      :diamond: A healthy appetite for :s_cool: fish :s_cool: (no vegans allowed)

      My skype name is ariskou1 if anyone wants to add me directly, just leave me a message that it is regarding the microstakes group

      I will probably figure out things that I forgot to write here as we go but right now, this is all. Allow for a day or two before you are added as I have a lot to do at uni. Remember, even if u don't have a mic, a lot of the conversations will be text-based in the group chat, so you are welcome anyways.

      Players so far:
      PS.com name/Skype name
      :club: arisko/ariskou1
      :diamond: Alficor1/alficor1
      :heart: antstruk/nameis. (I guess that this is you)
      :spade: Arxyn/pierre.luc.purtell
      :club:D endra/dendra7
      :diamond: jdnismo/jd.nismo
      :heart: <unknown>/awesomefunnydude
      :club: joecar/rymaheu
      :diamond: Wurble/tilted.wurble
      :spade: cheekopeh/cheekopeh89
      :heart: kenthmp/kenth_kristoffer
      :club: MRingive/mathiasringive
      :diamond: mcrandle913/christopher.mcrandle
      :spade: crazyfishh/markussel
      :heart: figeljfigelj/bumbox1
      :club:D udo23/dudo-sk
      :diamond: clawindsouza/clawindsouza
      :spade: Raykoid666/Raykoid666
      :heart: miljonszalie/janka.lacis
      :club: jbpatzer/jbpatzer
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