What's the biggest stack you've ever had?

    • SickAtHome
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      I had $109.76 on a PLO5 table at the end of a HU against a maniac =)
      (Made possible by Pokerstars homegames)
      This equates to almost 2200 BB =D

      Also noteworthy is that I broke even, but paid 142 VPPs on ONE table. If we assume 5.5 VPPs per $1, that's $25.8 I paid. I don't have the hand numbers (PTR doesn't track homegames), but I'm guessing ~200-300 hands in the <2 hours we played, so I think the rake's over 150bb/100 hands?

      The reason I broke even was I lost 3 flips on $50+ pots against him with AA + decent hole cards vs non-connected/non double suited random cards. Even lost to QQ27 with KKTQ where he hit 2 and a 7 for 2pair.

      share your stacks?
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