transferring chips

    • aca44
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      I only have a paypal account /w visa card and no checking account but I have a friend who is willing to make a new ps account and transfer chips to me after I pay him the money. Does anyone have any experience transferring chips? How long does it usually take for the transfer to complete or is it instant? Also are there any fees that ps charges for transfers?
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    • Bojan1983
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      you can deposit on pstars with your visa card so there is no need of making 2 accounts...

      Transfering chips is almost instant, i transfered many times so far and i took max 5 minutes... no fees
    • Zervin311
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      Try to avoid transfering chips, I did this with a friend of mine as he wanted to learn poker but was sceptical about depositing with his VISA so I shipped him some money. Full Tilt closed my account temporairly to *Investigate* that there wasn't anything fishy going on. They opened it back up and everything was fine, but it was a waste of time.