Old dog with some new tricks

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      Hey guys, just thought I'd introduce myself.

      My name is Bronson, I'm a 27 year old sales manager and I love poker.

      I started with poker when my next door neighbour started inviting me over for drinks and to join in their cash games. I quickly picked the game up and usually cleaned them out every time I played. I soon learned that there was a whole new world to online play and gave that a shot.

      After a few $100 deposits with no success I gave away the online aspect for a while until I had money I could spare. This happened to be when I was flown interstate for my job induction. I was in a hotel room all alone and bored, so again $100 went into my poker account. That night I won a $4k guarantee and a $2k guarantee. As you can imagine, I was pretty happy with myself.

      Unfortunately I let it get to my head and I started trying to win big sums in short amounts of time to replicate my success. Over the course of the next 2 years I think I put nearly $5k in losses through a few different sites. I stopped playing for a while and started to study.

      After coming across this site and hearing of the $50 free bankroll I signed up. In the mean time while waiting for my bank roll I started to get the itch to play so I put a small amount ($14) into my full tilt account and played the 2/5cent rush tables to keep me busy. I've since turned that into $48.10 and I'm currently placed quite well in a tournament to make that even more. All this from studying the strategies on here but most importantly picking up the positive attitude that many of you seem to have. Attitude has been the key part for me I think because I tilt very easily if I lose a big hand. Tonight I used my new tips to just relax and breath deep and concentrate on the next hand.

      Understanding that I'm just not ready for higher limit games took a while to realise but thanks to reading a lot of the stuff here I'm going to work my way up from the bottom. Cheers guys.
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