trips with a backdoor flush v straigh

    • Depor07
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      Hi all
      Not sure if this is the place to post specific hands but just wanted to get the numbers on this one.

      hero AsAh
      villain 2d3d

      flop Ac4s5s (both players all in)

      Turn Qs

      Just wondering what the odds are for the hero here, pot was offering 2 to 1. I made the call. 7 outs on the turn and ten on the river as well as backdoor flush possibility, it was a three table tourney early stages.

      Thanks Heaps.
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    • phantommm92
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      on the flop agains 2-3 you had 40% equity on flop and 43% equity on turn, but you werent putting it in agains a strght, you were putting it in agains his range, which i dont know what would be because i dont know the action preflop, but you are never ever folding here.
    • Depor07
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      Preflop action was

      sb 50
      bb 100 villain call 300 (Stack 6000)
      2 call 300
      4 5 hero raise 300 (stack 6000)
      (Please note very aggressive table, reraise a 50/50 likelyhood)

      villain bets 500

      hero three bets 1500

      villain moves all in
      hero calls

      The guy flashed a couple of strength tells, so I had the impression that the straight was likely, but logically I have to put the possiple straight flush draw, trip 4s/5s or two pair into the mix where Im way ahead. Of course Ive got the full house outs even if I am behind and the pot 8450 and its 4500 to call.