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      Hi. this is the start of my second week at pokerstrategy. It`s been a great week. I am very interested in poker and have been playing (mostly for fun) alot of home tournaments with my friends, freerolls and no limit small stakes for about a year.

      But yet, I have learned more about poker the last week then in the last year, or any other years. This site is so great and I have been recomending it to other friends. They are however quite sceptic. They dont think they REALLY get anything for free on the internet. I tell them. Hey! shut up and register. U get 50 dollar dumbass. So , hopefully they will start to play under the pokerstrategy flag and i will get some bonuses as well.

      Weekly goal: my goal this week is to become bronze, read the articles over and over and to double my stack. Simple ? well, not always its easy to be nr two from the blinds, the first one folds and i have AQ or KQs. The sheet says : FOLD ! El FOLDO ! TRHOW AWAY YOUR CARDS ! STEP AWAY FROM THE POT ! But i am slowly learning that this type of play (betting with those cards in WRONG position) is not profitable in the long run. Thats right. Im not intending to stop play tomorrow, so i throw away those cards (well , maybe not the AQ if its suited lol)
      I think maybe thats one of the worst sentence or thoughts in the poker world " But what if.." WHAT IF ? WHATEVER ! STICK TO THE SHEETS FOLKS

      maybe that should be my goal for the week.. ? Stick to the sheet a whole week ? 100% ? Is that even possible ? Let`s fnd out.. See u at the tables

      Best regards.

      "AK 47 is a great rifle, But when I`m under the gun I prefer my AK suited"
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