bad beats

    • naomisurvey
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      i've been playing at titan for a couple of days now, sss, and i'm down 20 stacks- or 200 big blinds. i've only made a couple of mistakes- like raising with 10 10 pre flop in an early position when i thought i was in the middle, so nothing major.

      yesterday i was all in pre flop with KK, calling someone going all in with 82 suited. i had trips on the flop, then they hit a straight on the river.

      today i had my 99988 full house beaten by someone holding 88, getting 4 of a kind. i seem to have had loads of hands like this- does it happen all the time, or have i just been really unlucky in my first couple of days? i feel like all the players there know exactly what i'm doing, so they just fold when i have a good hand!
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    • naomisurvey
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      ooh, and while i'm here, i have accumulated 600 titan points, is this enough for me to get some cash back (got an email saying i'd receive $10 for every $30 rake)? and if so, any idea when it'll be credited to my account? my starting balance is getting dangerously low!

      thank you! :)
    • blackstone1
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      i have same problem as u have naomi :) also started playing at titan, i did make 5 sss mistakes which i should not. As of the rest of the money either i did not get action with my good hands, or i sucked out some guys 3 times with inferior hand, but most of the time i lost against either poor players or when i was dominated. So atm i am down with 60$ bonus received for around 8 stacks.

      I also imported my hands to poker office and my biggest loosing hand in SSS after 3k hands at 0.50/1nl is AKs and AKo :) and JJ is the most profitable. As of the bonus you re talking about i think its released in a range from 700-900 titan points.

      From 3k hands what i seen at titan compared to party poker(at party i saw usually alot of QQ>KK>AA) but at titan poker i see alot of runner runner straights :) . I can almost guess it it will come when i see some guy calling my AA with A9 and then goes all in on flop (i laugh and say mmm nice finally ill make some money) and then its like a curse and the runner cards start showing up and i loose another pot regardless if i played it right :) .

      my stats for 0.50/1nl
      3069 hands played
      5.41% won hands
      5.93% saw flop
      25.82% won when saw flop
      1.96% showdowns
      50% showdowns won
      5.15% preflop raise
      2.77% first in raise
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi guys!

      Don't worry! Downswings happen to all of us. They are part of the game. Make sure that you post some of your hands (even the hands which you think you played well) in our sample hands board to get further advice from experienced players and hand judges. If you want to know when the bonus will be credited to your account please contact the Titan Poker support team.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • NoobiePants
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      To be honest, I went a bit mad and gambled large portions of my stack, and completely disobeying the SSS. I ended up in stakes why higher than my bankroll can handle. I went all-in preflop with AKo against AKs, and it was rainbow on the flop and then the guy gets a runner flush!! I lost half my bankroll in that particular hand, even though there was a 91% chance of a split, preflop and a 95% chance of a split after the flop. It was so sick.
    • SonicXT
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      I had the same things when I started, but consider this :
      You are playing a game with positive expected value and if you don't change your playing style for the worse, you will win in the long run. Swings are frustrating, but they also allow the worst of the worst to win big in a single session, winning pots with 5:d2 or flushdraws outside their odds etc ... so they think they can win it and will keep on playing.
      If poker had no variance and swings, the bad players wouldn't stick around very long and they'd be desillusioned a lot quicker. After all, anyone can have a 40BB/100 upswing day ... and their EV is about -8/100 at worst. That's only 8 $ on NL10 after 1000 hands... that's not a lot and sometimes they even win, so it keeps them going, grinding down and eventually filling our pockets...

      In the beginning, it takes some time to get used to though.
    • chenny8888
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      well there's your problem: if you're risking half your money on any hand you've made the wrong play right there.

      here's a sample hand

      hero's bankroll 100$

      hero gets A :diamond: A :heart: , blinds 0.5$/1$


      Hero(BU) (100$)
      Villain (200$)

      Hero raises to 6$
      Villain calls 4$
      flop comes A :club: 8 :heart: 8 :spade:

      Villain checks
      Hero bets 7$
      Villain raises 200$ and is all-in
      Hero calls

      Turn comes 3 :club:
      River comes 6 :spade:

      Villain shows 8 :club: 8 :diamond: and wins with 4 of a kind, 8's.

      where did hero make the mistake in this hand? to a beginner, perhaps it's not so obvious.
    • blackstone1
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      hm yeah, I played strictly to sss chart you guys posted so i did not steal and resteal at all.

      Today and yesterday i checked the article and watched latest undercover82 nl100 sss video (saw what he is doing) he is going a step forward than a simple SSS chart tells you. So I have tried to put that concept into my 100nl game now, since I played smaller stakes before and people were calling more than folding.

      The only thing that bugs me atm is since i play 9 tables in mini views at titan is if pahud works with pokertracker on that mini view or only full view ?

      I am still waiting to get that software and would like more information on other poker players(specially how loose tight they are, how much they steal and where i can resteal), but if its not possible to play in mini view ill have to play i guess less tables since my screen is only 17inch :) .
    • drachdudek
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      I would say do not worry, just play your best game and play when you are comfortable, yesterday (i am playing NL10), i had upswing 20BB and then downswing 40BB in arround 2000 hands ( i made only 2 mistakes, when i tried to steal with marginal hands..)...mostly wes bad beat after bad beat, they cracked my monsters KK etc. mostly with unbelivable draws....but that happens...after 10k of hands i played last week i am just little over 0,5BB/100.....but i know that i am playing well...not tilting anymore, making fewer mistake. The focus is for me now to reduce every mistake and i am also writting down every mistake i make so to remind me...

      You also have to think positive...I laugh now for every bad beat i got and wish to play with the guy who beat me many times... :P

    • finchybg
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      As chenny8888 wanted to say, you have to take your bankroll into consideration. Bad beats always happen and the way to overcome them is to play to the limits corresponding to your bankroll.

      The worst logic in poker is that when you win a hand you have played it well, and that when you lose - you have played it bad. As a friend of mine, who felt very happy and satisfied when he cracked my kings with 9 6 suited. But how to explain him :) Just stick up to the rules in the SSS(really awesome strategy, I've been playing it in the last days) and you have to be the unluckiest man in the world to lose the whole initial 50$ at 0.05/0.10 :)
    • chenny8888
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      whereas if you play above your limit, then losing that 50$ is just another casual tuesday.
    • whitefang43
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      sometimes it's good that the limit is 2$ :club:

      Mejram posts blind ($0.05), Tommage posts blind ($0.10).

      racingjulio folds, Turin74 folds, BreeZe-one folds, hoppov09 calls $0.10, whitefang56 bets $0.60, Tyler-M folds, Mr.Apriori folds, Torsten68 folds, Mejram calls $0.55, Tommage folds, hoppov09 calls $0.50.

      FLOP [board cards: 2D,9S,AD ]
      Mejram checks, hoppov09 bets $1, whitefang56 bets $1.40 and is all-in, Mejram folds, hoppov09 calls $0.40.

      TURN [board cards: 2D,9S,AD,7H ]

      RIVER [board cards: 2D,9S,AD,7H,AC ]

      whitefang56 shows [ 9D,9C ]
      hoppov09 shows [ 2S,AS ]
      hoppov09 wins $4.50.
    • sw0ldo
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      not realy a bad beat and not a bad call either for the micro limits
    • SonicXT
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      How is losing to a 2 outer not a bad beat, lol.