questions for puschkin

    • helemaalnicks
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      I have some questions:

      about your video. You got call/reraised all in with Kq, i totally understand/agree with your fold. But you say, they have aa or kk 80% of the time. I disagree there, the reason i disagree is:

      stacksize (doesn't make sense, so hes a donk)
      seen it a lot with bad cards
      reason people do it is: frustration!

      So my question: would you call with tens?

      (i don't have to say the time of the situation, its quite common)

      you bss, two limpers in front, you raise pocket tens to 3(2+2 limpers). bb flatcalls, and utg goes all in for 15 bucks.

      And another question:

      why don't you have a usernews blog, you want to be the mysterious mod? Id like to know what limit you play, whats your hourly winrate, etc.

      and a compliment for the video of course. The best thing about it is how you illustrated that its best to bet a flushdraw, donks dont get the logic behind that, so they think youre bluffing. Ill kill myself laughing about that some day.

      lol @ "oh shit i misclicked!", nice to know im not the only one who does that occasionaly.
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi helemaalnicks!

      Thanks for your feedback! Concerning your questions: In my experience (and the experience of other players) limp/raises in cash games indicate very often AA or KK especially when they are donks. Even if they don't have one of these hands, they might have a hand which dominates my KQ.

      I don't have a userblog because I've no time to update it. I'm so busy with this site that it's impossible to update a blog regularly and reasonably. I wouldn't tell you my hourly winrate anyway ;) If I have time to play I play at NL200 and NL400.

      And yes, even I misclick sometimes ;)

      Good luck at the tables!