Cannot play omaha with starting capital?

    • Arron63
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      I play on cake poker, and I tried play a 2c/4c omaha game, but it says that I am not allowed to play at the table to successfuly manage my bankroll.

      Why is this? Is there anyway I can play at the omaha games?
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    • Doratti
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      Thats because Omaha is for PRO`s.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Arron63,

      I'm not too familiar with the Cake rules personally as I don't currently play on that network.

      I'm guessing that as the quiz is based on Texas Holdem, you would be expected to learn & play that particular variant initially, or at least until you have cleared the starting capital.

      I could be totally wrong though of course, hopefully a Cake reg or admin will be able to confirm for you shortly.

      Good to see you up to Silver status in the PokerStrategy community already, nice work, keep it going ;)

      Best regards,