HEM with FTP hands can't be seen in data view!

    • variancekiller
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      When I have played a game at Full Tilt Poker. HEM imports the hands and every stat is update every single time. But when I go to:

      Tourney -> Results -> Data View

      and click on a game there it won't show me the hands played in that particular tournament (in my case 9-man Sit & Go's).
      Tournament details are updated since I can see $EV Won and all other stats.

      When I go to:

      Tourney -> Hands

      All the hands are there. Since I want to review some games I would like to be able to select them somehow.

      Anyone can help?
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    • netsrak
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      Is it Matrix SnGs or something like that?
      Which HM version?

      please clear your filters (filter->clear) one time although it seems like no filters are defined.

      Are the summaries written by the FTP client and imported?
      Are you using any additional software like Tableninja or are you closing the tables to fast after you quit a tourney?