using my $50 and getting rake back?

    • steveisnot
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      first, thanks for a great site and the $50. wish i'd spent time here before handing my hard earn cash to all you better players.

      i've passed the quiz and learned a lot. now i'm thinking of joining cake to lose the said $50.

      i reliese i have to deposite some of my own cash to get rake back, but what do i do about the bonus codes when starting out? use the $50 code at the start and then the rake back when depositing?

      these answers are probably here somewhere, but i'm on a mobile connection and looking around when it take 5mins to load a page is no fun.



      sorry about my spelling
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey steveisnot,

      Welcome to and the community.
      Congratulation on passing the quiz and receiving the $50 free starting capital.

      Make sure when you choose Cake as an option you follow the instructions here:

      As for depositing and receiving rake back, I wouldn't worry about rake back to much atm.
      If your just beginning, work on your game and improve and money will come with it.
      Then when you are going up the stakes and have the money to deposit, you should take advantage of the full deposit bonus.

      For example we offer:

      Another $600 Is Waiting for you

      Thanks to your membership, another bonus is reserved for you. When you deposit any money in addition to the $50 starting capital, you will earn a 110% up to $600 bonus. This means you will receive an extra 110% of your deposit from Cake Poker, with the maximum bonus you can receive being $600.

      You don't have to sign up or enter a bonus code to receive this special bonus. As soon as you make your first deposit, the 110% up to $600 bonus will be activated automatically.

      This bonus will also be credited to your account in $5 steps for every 83.33 Frequent Player Points (FPP) earned. You have to clear the entire $600 bonus within 90 days.


    • katie1234
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      so what you are saying is that rakeback is not possible once I got the $50?
    • StoneJ
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      you would start getting rakeback on cake as soon as you deposit some of your own money as long as you signed up through pokerstrategy using the code, so if you are earning strategy points on here through cake now you will get rakeback after you depo your own money
    • justkyle88
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      Thankyou StoneJ.
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      Hi Steve,

      Nice 1 brother - so you finally got it together and started using this site lol :)

      Best of luck to you at the virtual felt ;)

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