As titlte states, this will be a 6max SNG blog.

My poker history
I've playing online about 1 year, quite inregularly, had even a month-long break. I played pretty much everything. Well, I almost didn't play FR cash. I played NLH SH, HU; FLH SH; PLO cash SH, HU, PLO sng HU; FR sng turbos, superturbos; MTTs of all kinds. Even had nice cashes in games like Stud Hi and FL 2-7 TD.
Really everything.

Now I realised, I'm too money oriented. So I cashed out about 3/4 of my roll and rest moved to PokerStars to play $3.25 6max turbo SNGs. So I start with $325 (100 BI) and will
play non-result oriented poker
This is probably my main long term goal.

I'll post some basic outline of strategy I'm going to use. I hope it'll be this evening.