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Sng Brm

    • DucksEatFish
      Joined: 03.12.2010 Posts: 318

      Just some short questions about BRM:

      2% rule, is it including rake? I'm getting close to 200 dollars, and really looking forward to going up to 5$, but should I wait untill I have 275, or is 250 enough? And should I be concerned that some of this money is bonuses etc? (I boosted the 50 from PS with another 70, so that i could start at 2+0.25).

      ATM, i'm playing better and better, and my graph has improved each week.

      And am my figures any good? Atm:
      ROI: 13.5%
      ITM: 40.1% (and 16.3 of those is first)

      Through 172 SnGs at 2+0.2$ at FTP.

      I'm just insecure about my skills, and kinda impatient to move up the limits, and get a better $/h than I have atm :)

      Happy for any thoughts, asnwers - or insightfull follow up questions!

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    • Jafreiteris
      Joined: 21.05.2008 Posts: 283
      just simply caculate
      30x agresive brm if you dont mind moving limits.
      50x normal brm, prety safe and good if you are normal poker pl.
      100x safe brm, if you mass multitabling and make your most income from poker.
      200x super save brm if you live from poker

      There are also extreme agresive brm but i realy not recomend it.

      So the more agresive brm you have, the faster you go down \ up limits, and vise versa for safe brm.
      So choose your destiny! :)

      ps : 170 is realy small range, at least think about 1000 sng, which would be also small range
    • DannyG13
      Joined: 28.10.2009 Posts: 1,160
      Any positive ROI is good, obviously the larger the better. 13.5% is probably not sustainable, but bear in mind 172 SnG's is no sample at all. Don't worry too much about getting a large sample of games at these limits, just focus on moving up.

      I'd recommend waiting for at least 50 buy-ins for the next limit, and give it a shot when you feel you're ready. If your shot doesn't go to well (for example you take a shot at ~$250 and fall below ~$175), it's essential you move back down to reload and try again.
    • DucksEatFish
      Joined: 03.12.2010 Posts: 318
      Thanks for the feedback:)
      I'll stick to the 50x BRM, and moving down at around 90BIs on previous limit seems like a good idea:)
      I'm thinking that I'll be more coservative when i hit the 10+1s (which I hope to do!), but I guess only time can tell...

      1000s of SnGs will take some time, as I'm only playing 4 tables at once and only 2-4 hours a day:)
      If my numbers aren't sustainable, what should i expect and be content with...?
    • luitzen
      Joined: 03.04.2009 Posts: 664
      I think on the lower limits you can definitely sustain such an ROI until you move up very quickly. In the long run it's like Danny said. Any positive ROI is good, and an ROI of 3% might become normal.
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      The bankroll you need depends on your win rate. If your win rate is cut in half, you will see downswings which are twice as large vertically, and break-even stretches which last 4 times as long. So, it is unreasonable to use some fixed formula like "50 buy-ins" as you move from games where a 10% ROI is achieved by many to one where the top players do not make 5%, however easy it is to pass on that recommendation to others.

      Another problem with using a figure like "50 buy-ins" is that these get passed from cash game players to SNG players to MTT players and back, and there is no reason for a MTT buy-in to be treated the same way as a cash game buy-in. In fact, the math says it shouldn't be the same.

      A good general rule is

      bankroll = comfort * standard deviation^2 / win rate

      where comfort is a measure of your risk tolerance and ability/willingness to move down. A target comfort level of 2 is aggressive, while 4 is conservative. Standard deviation and win rate should be measured in the same unit. The standard deviation for a 9-player SNG is about 1.55 buy-ins per tournament, and this is surprisingly insensitive to playing style. Your win rate depends on you, and you need to estimate it to use this formula. If you are actually a losing player, no bankroll will make you safe. If you are a marginal winner, you might need several times the bankroll that would make an expert safe.

      For example, suppose you use a target comfort level of 3, and your ROI is 5%. This formula recommends a bankroll of 3 * 1.55^2 / 0.05 = 144 buy-ins. If your win rate is twice as great, you can cut that in half. If your win rate is only 3%, you need 240 buy-ins.