[Application] 3 Mtt's on sunday, 120K GTD.

    • VicoII
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      Hello, I'm Vico2008 on fulltilt and I'm a regular in the mid-stack games .
      I'm intersted in playing more MTT's this year and want to offer you part of my action.
      going to play 3 MTT's on wendsday with total buy in of 347$

      the tournaments that I'm going to play:

      19 Jan, 15:00 ET- 60,000$ GTD. Buy in: 150+13$ (tournament#:209707993)

      19 Jan, 15:30 ET- 25,000$ GTD. buy in: 50+5$ (#209710447)

      19 Jan, 17:00 ET- 35,000$ GTD KO. buy on: 120+9 (#211496927)

      I'm already registered to the games and going to play them regardless if action are sold or not.

      price per 1%: 4$
      price\value: 115%
      percents available: 25%

      please send the payment to vico2008 (fulltilt) or vico II (Poker-Stars) and than send me a message or write a comment in this thread with your poker site screen name and the amount of % you bought.

      Thank you
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