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PokerStars $0.10 360 Player Turbos

    • no1cafe
      Joined: 14.06.2010 Posts: 2
      Does anyone have any experience or opinions on these MTT SnG's?

      I'm currently using them, well starting to use them to build a bankroll for the $2.20 180 player (didn't use my pokerstrategy $50 due to not having internet for 6 months). I am slightly worried about playing them though due to developing bad play habits because of the nature of them, am I over thinking?

      Ideally I won't be playing these very long and am glad I had a few complimentary dollars with PokerStars from a while back so I didn't have to go through any freerolls.

      How many of these tourneys should I have to play before I can say I've cracked them since at the moment I'm playing 1 at a time as I don't want to be multi-tabling until I can reliably beat them? And I will want to multi-table them otherwise it could be a long time to get to £150-200 bankroll which is what I presume is enough for the $2.20 ones.

      I've only played 12 of these which is why I'm posting (also taking a bit of a break), but I've won £15.60 from the 12 which seems pretty good.

      Cheers for any replies in advance.
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      From results alone, it would take hundreds or even thousands of tournaments to pin down your ROI, even within a wide range. Since a lot of your equity comes from winning the tournament, you have to play enough so that you expect to win the tournament a few times in order to estimate your ROI accurately. This is one of the reasons people don't know their ROIs in larger tournaments. So, don't rely on your results alone. Look for signs that your opponents are playing badly. Identify plays they make that you are sure are expensive mistakes, not just plays you wouldn't make. That doesn't guarantee that you don't have your own leaks, but it can help you to conclude that you have a skill advantage in much less time.

      I don't think you should feel constrained to play only 1 tournament at a time. To learn, you should play fewer tables than the maximum you could handle, but I hope you can handle a lot more than 1 table. Learning to play several tables at once, while still getting reads on opponents, is another skill to develop.