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    • Jeffers16
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      Just watching the Million Dollar Cash Game Season 5 and I was wondering about whether the players were playing with their own money. I noticed that Chris Ferguson is wearing a Full Tilt branded hat but no others have any sponsorship; so is he the only one being staked or w/e by Full Tilt?

      And in other shows etc, how often do players play with their own money?

      Couldn't find any info about this online, so thanks!
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    • teddykgv47
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      Hi there,

      As far as I know, when it is a cash game and not a tournament, the players are always playing with their own money. The cash you see at the tables is usually fake though. The real cash is kept in a safe and distributed among the players at the end of the game, according to how much they had won.

      Hope this helps.