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      Hi, i'm PK. I'm a 18 year old student from Ontario Canada. I enjoy construction, video games (Mainly Starcraft and Runescape, video making and programming.
      I started playing poker online at age 7 (:O underage!) after watching my mom play. I only played in play-money tournaments on pureplay. I would just play for fun, not really winning anything. I would also occasionally play tournaments against people in the same class as me (I had a friend play tournaments with me during Business class). Anyways, I have recently switched over to FTP poker, because pureplay was getting too laggy and newbish.

      I joined this site after seeing the win a trip to korea article on TeamLiquid. I thought to myself "if i like poker, and by playing poker I can win a trip to watch professional Starcraft, why the hell not!". Anyways, now here I am. Other card games I like are Gin Rummy, Spades, Hearts and occasionally Euchre.

      Nice to meet you all.

      (I am Hiicantpk on both Pureplay and FTP)

      Edit: If anyone is wondering what my TL name is, i am "57 Corvette"
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