shortstacking Rush study group

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      I have switch from normal shortstacking (20BB) to rush minimum buy in (40BB) however probably going to continue with the normal shortstacking also.

      I play full time at 2/4-10/20 and now started to play rush 1/2 6max probably soon also 2/4 (9max)

      at 1/2 rush 6max I am a 2.21BB/100 winner but just 21k hands and a long peridod of time from the beginning of 2010 to now.

      at 2/4-10/20 I am a 3.71bb/100 winner (190k hands)

      I play full time so if anyone is interested in some strategy discussion best would be a group of maybe 4-5 players or more

      To not get to big of a difference between the skill level in the group you have to at least be a decent winner at 0.5/1 short stacking normal/ rush shortstacking.

      hope someone is interested in this¨.

      cheers :)
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