Pocket Kings

    • mockers69
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      I'm new to this game so be kind please.

      Last night dealt pocket Kings so i raised had to callers when the flop came down it was 2 4 4 so now i had two pair.

      On the flop i bet heavy and a caller dropped out turn was a 3 and i checked with the caller on the river that was a 3 the caller went all in

      With that i fonded

      This was not the right thing to do as i found out i had the best hand

      Could someone advise me on the correct way of playing this hand

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    • krisclarky
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      can u post how the blinds and how much u raised?
    • mockers69
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      Blinds were 100/200

      I raised to 1200 pre-flop flop was 2h 4s 4c

      After the flop I went to 3000 flop

      And then checked on the turn. Turn was 3c

      On the river the caller went all -in and I folded river was 3h

      How should i have played this cos the way i played it was wrong i think
    • krisclarky
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      sorry i should have asked for ur stack as well but anyway.

      knowing what u did and what came out you were proberly right in folding.

      as you do not know what the other person has so you have to go with ur gut.

      plus never belive what other players tell u they had they will be lieing 90% of the time.

      as for the way you played that hand, the raise preflop was a good 1.

      as for the second raise there should have already been 3600 in pot so really u should have raised a minimum of 4k there.

      cos i do not know ur stack i cannot say what you should have raised here, but the way it sounds is the other person acted first.

      cos of this you should have raised again here if your stack was big enough 10k if it did not put you down to a major lose, minimum would be 5-6k.

      you said he told you that u had the winning hand is proberly correct but cos you checked in this position it showed the opponent a weaknes

      like you had nothing or was hesitating giving him the opertunity to push and scare you on next card, and cos it was a low card he pushed thinking u never hit.

      but in all terms for somone new to game i would say what you did was not a bad thing, cos if he is calling he has noticed you have weak habits or he had an ace with a low card.

      just think of it as a learning exsperience.

      hope this helps in anyway
    • mockers69
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      Looking at it now I think that I should of gone all-in after the flop of 2,4,4

      I had two pair and the Pocket Kings were good.

      What really got me was that he was sitting there with Pockect Queens and I folded

      If I had gone all in after the flop he might have folded

      checking is really giving free cards away
    • lamafao
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      I think he had Ax or 77+ or something like that..

      I wouldn't have folded because why would he call 6x raise with 2 3 , 5 6 or A5?

      I think you should have raised the turn too, maybe he would've folded his hand :rolleyes:

      And still its like 90% that you had the best hand, i don't think he had any of that flop..
    • nightshades
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      I figure it's play money, right ?

      Pre-flop and Flop play was fine.
      Checking the turn was a bad move
      Folding the river was even more bad.

      1- He could have call you with anything on the flop, nothing indicate he had a 4.
      2- He checked the turn too, which still indicate he don't have the 4.
      3- The only hand that beat you which is not 3x, 4x or A5 is AA. He didn't have that.
      4- In play money, many players going to thing the Ace is the best hand in a 23344 board

      Next time, finish it on the turn. he will fold his A8.
    • andreibalint
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      How i would play:
      Blinds 100/200 my stack larger then 3000.
      Raise preflop to 600-800 if i am first in. 2 callers.

      Pot is about 2000-2500. I would bet about 1500 with the intention of going all in. 1 player folds.

      Turn. Pot is 5000-5500. I would go all in if i have less then 8000-9000 chips left, otherwise i would bet about 3000. If the other player raised me i would call but not be that happy about it.

      Not betting turn is a mistake, folding is another one. He might go all in with just about any pocket pair 55-AA, he might have caught a flush draw or straight draw, he might be bluffing, etc. You might also be beat but that's rare compared to previous scenarios.

      Bet turn to tax him if he's drawing to a flush/straight and bet turn because he might call with worse.

      Stack smaller then 2600 -> go directly all in preflop.